Deformations of building constructions and negative processes connected with them are basically caused by movement of the separate soils layers. We can find descriptions of such kind of processes in ancient times and all are warning about the possibilities of compactions of the basement of the buildings.

   As the result of deformation processes components and units of the building construction come to the comparative movement condition and can separate from each other-appear cracks which in extreme cases can provoke even destruction of the building. In any case cracks are explicit and unmistakable signals about the conditions of the running of building construction which are not planned in the project. In building industry such cases are inspected and analyzed in a special way. Reinforcement of separate constructions and elements can be done if it is necessary. All activities are directed to stop the deformation, eliminate the reason of the negative process and abolish the consequences (constructive reinforcement, injection of the cracks, packing, caulking, damp-proof-course etc.).


   In spite of crucial methods usually used to adjust a situation on soil foundation and contact substance of the building construction, deformation processes often return and cracks became active again (usually or often directly in previous deformation places). Designers and constructors know stories about buildings with unending active crack areas as well as practically ungovernable tensity which in a long time (2-5 years) restore crack, destroy ferroconcrete and steel columns and natural stone walls.  In addition the direction of cracks (tensity) is not traditional (Photo No 1).

1.Photo Unconventional crack in ferroconcrete column.


   Analyzes of such cases are not emphasized enough in the world. These cases remain as a very difficult for technical explanation. Experts often consider that some hidden, unknown factors which continue destruction of the building are not taken into consideration. More attention has been given to cases when such kind of construction deformation are concentrated in well known and narrow city or rural area where historically year by year appears different troubles: regular disasters of buildings or building groups, deformations, fire, landslip, cracks, important compaction of basements etc. We would like to pay your attention that in these areas at the same time with the building construction deformations we can observe chain of other negative processes (in public processes,in social life and changes of people feeling of comfort etc.).


   During inspection of these areas (spaces, regions) realized by people with congenital outspoken ability to detect energetic of environment (bioenergetics) always they were fixed and showed flow of energy which desorbs from soil materials. These flows of energy reach building construction and as a law with amazing punctuality concur with the cracks and their directions in the building construction. This flow of energetic substances has observed as directions (straight line), as a active areas (field) and as a points (wellspring).


   There is no doubt about the origination place of flowing energetic substances (exquisite substance)-this is ray arisen in depth of earth or flow of elementary particles which are not friendly to the organic nature. At the same time it is possible to control this flow by bioenergetics methods. It is possible to change the direction of the flow, to try to disperse flow taking into account environmental parameters. In such cases it is possible to connect own biologically produced field to environmental spatial field and realize certain harmonization of energetic substances. (1) Energy flow from the soil has closed (jam-pack of soil layers occurs); (2) Energy flow has sidetrack (direction has changed); (3) Energetically concentrated areas has corrected; (4) Polarity has changed. During this difficult process initial specific just for this place and region Earth energetic matrix return. This initial matrix was changed because of different breaks of Earths crusts, boreholes made by people, different deformations and changes. We think we realized arrange of energetic substances and improvement of peoples life environment was tangible. At the same time psychological processes were normalized, energetic in material structures were normalized and characteristics of materials were improved.


   We used radar type device SIR-3000 to search soil under this building and detected that ground water level in this area is  2,5-3,0 m deep and is extremely sensitive to the changes of the water level in the river, sea and rainstorm. In any case soil conditions in this new building were burdensome for construction works.  and technical investigations realized before building works (to investigate the condition of prior building) were imperfect, in some way superficial. May be substantial aspects of soil energetic ray were not taken into account because construction of the basement of new building were finished already in 2001, but indications of deformations (separate cracks) were found already before the opening ceremony in autumn  2003  (cracks of the windows were found in November). It means there are very active geophysical processes in this area of the city. Building company considered that work was very difficult and they used additional experts to solve problems connected with soil environment conditions.

Construction works of new building were raised certain vibrations in solid soil and changes of humidity of soils as well as changes in the migration trajectories of energy flows of entrails of the earth..


   Deformation processes (in different intensity) appeared already in first years of the running of this building. It was translated as the compaction processes of soils and building construction. Decrease of intensity of these processes was forecasted. Reality was different and tensity in certain parts of construction remains and raised cracks (damages of tile planking in outdoor terrace on the level of second floor, damages of external walls constructions on street level; damage of entrance portal plate on first floor level etc.). These were visible damages of decorative works of the building.


   Some standard technical solutions were used to normalize situation (mechanical amplifications etc. ). There were no positive results in general and deformation processes continued. Then it was decided to use less known and unconventional technologies and methods because there were no real explanations. Just energetic environment can be in the bottom of the progress of deformations in building.. Energetic rays flow initiated in entrails of the earth under the building can form in a very short time strong tensity on those parts of the building which covers flow let out in the upper level of the soil (there are many references about such kind of problems in technical publications and it is well known problem).


   If we can neutralize, arrange flow of energetic substances and drain them to other less efficient trajectories (tracks) in logic deformations should stop or at least decrease.

   We looked for person able to arrange (balance) energetic fields in soil depth. We looked for person with powerful bioenergetics abilities, who is able to detect different ray flows and change their parameters and harmonize energetic ray using their own biological field. This person should be able to diagnose other places of energetic flows, to appoint their borders and springs and describe the parameters of the flow by biolocation method.  For this job we invited Mr. Janis Neibergs (Totis) who is well known sage and Earth energy researcher in Latvija and abroad.


   At the same time we implemented normalization of the energetic of geophysical processes and inspection of progressive deformation processes, survey of cracks, photo survey and complete monitoring process at the beginning for half a year and later one year more. It was done to ensure the supervision of this experimental work.

   These activities were managed by independent expert. His task was to realize survey- monitoring of specific deformation cracks of the building (in total (together with survey) monitoring of 6 cracks and visible comparison of 4 cracks-outside cracks and cracks in places with difficult  accessibility).

   Moreover to reach minimal level of subjectivity we used up-to-date devise SIR 3000 for scanning of the cracks areas. We investigated deformation processes of the soil.(this devise is produced in USA and is with GPS connected instrument which are working according the principles of  radar and  ehalot). This devise gave us the possibility to detect situation up to 15 m under the sopil under this building and perform electronical photos of soil structures and see all visible changes of characteristics of soil materials.


   Initial inspection of the building showed existing places of deformations and possible areas of deformations. At the beginning of inspection each of these areas presented more or less active tendency to progress ( to change the length of the cracks, to change a span of the cracks, certain displacement of constructive elements were visible, changed and presented activity).

   After the works in accordance with the results of survey there was no activisation or increase of parameters of existing deformations (cracks, displacements, curvatures etc.). on any floor of the building. We measured lengths of the cracks (in mm), number of cracks and span of the cracks (in mm). We did not found any new manifestation of deformation (crack or micro crack close to the survey area). Monitoring of the cracks did not detect ŗecommence of the cracks according the records within 9 months. Within 12 months period there were no any activity of cracks or visible signs of new cracks.


   During the process of normalization of the flows of energetical substances by bioenergetics methods we observed low intensity vibrations in soil structures which are perfectly demonstrated in attachments (please see a results of scanning).

   Authors concluded that it is possible to change the real energetic level of the substance flowing from the superior layer of Earth’s crust influenced deeper layers of the soil under the buildings by bioenergetical methods (biolocation etc.). It is possible to perform balancing (harmonization) gradually packing the soil layers, to eliminate places with impressive ray emission etc.. Authors detected cyclic self scarify signs in the soil

   Authors consider that it is reasonable to use device SIR-3000 (or similar devises)  in evaluation such kind of experiments and works..


   Authors consider that they certify hypothesis about the balancing of energetic ray under the building. It is unique positive result of experiment. This experiment confirms that it is appropriate to use bioenergetic methods in cases with difficult energetic conditions of the soil and in cases there are no clear reasons of deformations. It is possible to use these methods also in cases there accessibility is limited (underwater constructions, hills, difficult constructions etc.)


   In a final stage it was recommended to realize repair works (- like decoration) of the building to eliminate damages in finishing processes caused by cracks.


   Authors has contract with the owner of this building- municipality. According this contract there are some restrictions to provide information about location of this building. But it is possible to contact with the owners of the building and get accept about the results of work.

2.Photo   Soils massive under the building (scanning ): (1) soil condition before bioenergetic influence; (2) the same area 30 days after the influence- we can see certain soils layers scarify tendencies;  (3) the same area 60 days after influence – we can see packing and splitting of friable area ;  (4) the same area 90 days after influence – we can see explicit repeated tendency to scarify soil layers, but in a dense circumstances;  (5) the same area 120 days after influence – we can see real packing of the depth layers of soil, the possibilities to eliminate ray substance is diminished to minimum.